Configure JBible

After install this component you can configure the language of bible and showing a tooltip in front page of this component.

To configura the component click on the link Configure from admin.

But first you must populate content of table #__jbible (content of bible).

Click on the link Insert initial data...

In new window is 2 links: Empty database and Populate database.

Empty database: delete all records from #__jbible table.

Populate database: in 15 steps populate database with all records.

If the table #__jbible does not contain all records a error messagge will be show on front page of component (in adminitration page):

For repairing click on link Repair database and then click on link Empty database. After this steps you must re-populate database (by runing all 15 steps by clicking link Populate database)

Next step is configure the language of content of bible and option to display or not a tooltip on frontpage. For this click on link Configure.