EbRecipe is a component for creating online cookbooks.
Some options of this component.
In front page:
Allow add new recipe by members
Allow search for recipes
       -by ingredients
       -by title
       -by description
       -by author
Allow post comments
In administrator:
     -add new category
     -edit category
     -delete category 
           Warning! Will be deleted all recipes from this category
    -publish/unpublish category
    -order category
     -add new recipe
     -edit recipes
     -delete recipes
     -publish/unpublish recipes
     -add new ingredient
     -edit ingredients
     -delete ingredients
     -publish/unpublish ingredients
UM (unit of measurement):
     -add new UM
     -edit UM
     -delete UM
     -publish/unpublish UM
     -view authors
     -publish/unpublish authors
     -view comments
     -edit comments 
     -delete comments
     -publish/unpublish comments
Configure component:
     -set maxim image size in bytes
     -width of recipe image
     -width of recipe thumbnail
     -allow members to add new recipes (yes/no)
     -automatic aprove new author (yes/no)
     -automatic aprove new recipes (yes/no)
     -show author name (yes/no)
     -enable comments system (yes/no)
     -guests can comment (yes/no)
     -members can comment (yes/no)
     -enable captcha for guests (yes/no)
     -permit link to guest website (yes/no)
     -permit link to members website (yes/no)
     -automatic publish comments added by guests (yes/no)
     -automatic publish comments added by members (yes/no)
     -enable search system (yes/no)
     -search by ingredients (yes/no)
            -search by title (yes/no)
            -search by description (yes/no)
            -search by author (yes/no)
     -display summary on front page (yes/no)
     -display last recipeson front page (yes/no)
     -number of last recipes
     -display categories on front page
     -add public key (for ReCaptcha)
     -add private key (for ReCaptcha)